Gift Wrapping the 'new' craft

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

You probably already know from some of my past posts that I just love creative gift wrapping. The beauty about gift wrapping is- anything goes! I have a little box that is filled with scrap paper bits, magazine cut-outs, recycled cards and B'day paper, envelopes, Mt tape, coloured papers, stamps etc. that I use for my gift wrap making. Gift wrapping has always been popular in Japan, but now we are seeing it's popularity expanding internationally- gift wrapping is the 'new'craft!

Above is one of my gift wraps that I did using the back of excess Christmas wrap, decorated with Mt tapes, words written in Japanese hiragana. Below are a few more creations....and inspirations.

1. My nephews first b'day present I made using different coloured bits of paper, letter/number in Mt tape, flower ball made out of recycled orange T2 store tissue paper.
2. A little present I sent to Thea (Spoonful zine maker) shows that stamps and Mt tape can be a good gift wrap decorator!
3. Lucky dips inspired wrapping from 'no such things' blog
4, 5. One of my fave blogs 'cakies' did a 'wrap it up' post series that included some great gift wrapping ideas using mt tape,maps, ticket stubs, lace etc.
6. Brown paper & mt tape bunting via Babalisme
7. Pretty in pink crochet granny square gift toppers featured in NEET magazine made by Danielle Thompson.
8. Milk wrapped in illustrated plastic wrap...sorry lost link :(
9 doily, lace and mt wrap via Oh Hello Friend