Xmas Glossy Love: Real Living December '10'

Saturday, November 27, 2010 0 Comments A+ a-

If you haven't got your copy of Real Living December Christmas issue yet- go out and get it now!
It's an AMAZING issue packed full of creative Christmas wrapping and decorating ideas that could even make the worst kind of Grinch enjoy the 'jolly holiday' season!
I must think it's good because it has been 'bookshelfed' for keeps at my house, ready to get out every Christmas for inspiration!

Vintage Christmas paper gift wrap!

Looking at this tree- the brown paper bag is no longer boring!
Now I have another use for my posting brown paper roll.

DIY paper garlands, for the kids room......or mine!

Tips on making your own pom pom wreath andfabric Merry Christmas garlands.

Real Living xmas gift guide - as well as loving the uniquely sourced products, I always enjoy their creative layouts.

My nan collects owls, so she would love this! I'm noticing that 'owl' things are popping up everywhere of late.

When I saw Real Livings Christmas tree made out of found objects and materials I let out a big omigod sigh!! Its the best Christmas tree I have ever seen! Haha! Could you imagine what kind a tree a hoarder could make!

One of my new years resolutions is to learn how to crochet so I can make a pretty blanket like this. A crochet blanket on a bed is also not complete without a Beci Orpin pillow.

I really get motivated and inspired after looking at an issue of Real Living magazine. I would love to work at Real Living magazine and have the freedom to be creative everyday.

The next issue of Real Living is out December 13th, so get to the newsagents quick to grab your copy of the December Christmas issue - it's a goodie!