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Following my 'gift wrapping' theme this week I thought I would share with you all my fave gift wrapping e-magazines, zines and websites. First up is e-magazine 'Gifted' created by 'creature comforts' blogger Ez. As you can see by the pictures below there is a lot of 'gift wrapping' inspiration flowing through the whole magazine. Gifted's contents also includes profiles on creative bloggers, interviews with paper biz people, look into creative work spaces, DIY tips for gift wrapping & other crafts- with an amazing Christmas gift guide in this issue! I'm in e-mag love!

Great gift guide that includes MT Tape!

DIY tips from the amazing Nice Package people! (see below)

Loving and using twine for everything lately

I can't stop clicking over to Ez and Marichelle's 'Nice Package' site which is dedicated to all things paper and gift wrapping! Paper lovers will be 'creatively drooling' over their DIY tips and paper creations.

Learn how to make 'pom pom flowers' out of plastic bags for your Chrissie presents!

Love their DIY inspiration kits! Ice-cream- yes please!

Gift toppers made out of colourful paper and washi tape.

I also recently stumbled upon the Spanish e-mag Kireei, as the 2010 issue included and interview with one of my fave craft blogger Misako Mimoko. Kireei includes features on crafty people, look into creative spaces, Christmas cookie recipe, DIY's on homeware, craft, gift wrapping, book reviews, gift guide and lots more.
Their gift box DIY tips are so cute!

The Nice Package peeps introduced me to 'Babalisme' blog and her amazing unique illustrated plastic clip bags! Could I have some to go please!


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Oooooh!!! This post is so inspiring.