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The cover of the August issue of CLEO reminds me of a Japan magazine cover, with it's bright fluro Blue background and orange scribbled cover lines- Harajuku Lovers Gwen Stefani is even on the cover! Stefani talks about family life, fashion label L.A.M.B and the No Doubt reunion!

After finding out my fave and most inspiring Aussie Magazine Editor, Sarah Oakes is leaving CLEO- nooooooo! (moving to Sunday Life), I quickly turned to the Ed. Letter page to read Sarah's goodbyes...and to see how long I had left with CLEO & Sarah (normally when Editors leave they do a goodbye letter). Phew! Sarah does not mention her leave in the Ed. letter, so this must mean she still has one more issue to go! Yay! Ok. moving on ...

Flicking through the pages of the August issue of seems they once again are reading my mind, even covering some things I've mentioned on my blog! eg. new interests and hobbies. Here are the best bits;

What's Now pg.28 interviews P.S I Made this DIY fashion blogger Erica Domesek- notice I added this wonderful blog to my blogroll. Each one of Erica's blogs features a inspiration board layout, followed by fashion DIY instructions. Her blog has become soooo popular she even has a book out! Just gotta get this!

Cleo features always seem to know where I am in life, with features I can relate to; Candice Chung looks at following your career dreams, and not being afraid to make changes in your life to achieve this in Dream it, do it pg. 62, Georgia Clark also solves your career traps pg. 107. Learn to 'open a jar when it's stuck', 're-gift without getting busted', 'write a meaningful birthday card' etc. with; 20 solutions to 20 common life dramas pg.68. Bec Whish looks at Twitter getting you a job vs twitter losing you a job pg. 90 This article reminded me of the blog I read about Mia Freedman twittering potential employees. Personally I don't see anything wrong with this, I use twitter and facebook to network alone or for blog PR. The most personal it get's is my everyday thoughts, but I would never consider putting anything negative or bad that it will effect my safety.

In Store pg. 37; stylish illustration by Igore + Andre's Danny Roberts, he also has collaborated illustration designs with Forever 21 and Harajuku Lovers. Love his pop-culture and magazine cover illustrations!

Nicole Elephicks' Gen Y myths Busted pg. 94 makes me think...'yeah what she said' when dealing with social crap and judgement.

being a blogger, loved, loved, loved the 'How to' piece Get your blog on pg.96 features some great blogger tips by Daydream Lilly, Rachel Hills, Sarah Wilson, Mia Freedman and Meet me at Mikes Pip Lincolne...I also feature these blogs on my blogroll! Hope one day my blog is good enough to feature in Cleo. Cleo is 'the bloggers' mag after all.

2 page book preview pg. 80 of Neil Pasricha's The book of Awesome...which does infact look...awesome. The book reminds me of the Chik magazine section Gold & Old, however it focuses on the Gold aka good things in life like; wearing underwear just out of the dryer, popping bubble wrap, when you get extra items from vending machines. This is another case of a blogger producing a book- 1001 Awesome things.

Wish I had the One fine day wedding special pgs. 114-119 when I was getting married!Includes lots of wedding links and tips, bridal DIYs, Wedding profiles and wedding accessories spreads.

Always enjoy the Insight sections My Space pg.178- always features cool home interiors which often remind me of modern kawaii japan rooms- I will be blogging more about Kawaii interior soon!

Like Bec Whish I have newly discovered and jumped on 'The handmade revolution' pg.187, which is Etsy! I have only made purchases so far of Zines and Japan MT Tape.

Went C.R.A.Z.Y for Rachel Lewis's Illustrated food recipes!!! (hope she releases a book!), reminds me of Dawn Tan's Zines!

Also thanks to Cleo's Radar section I found out that my fave essay author Sloane Crosley has a new book out! How did you get this number, I loved her first anthology book I was told there'd be cake. Cleo book club also gave me some more reasons why I have to purchase Frankie writer Benjamin Law's book The Family Law.

Looks like more greatness, this month from Cleo!
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Rachel Lewis
August 7, 2010 at 12:10 AM delete

Hey! Just wanted to say thanks sooo much for your kind words about my recipe illustrations! Glad you liked them :) I will check out Dawn Tan, she sounds ace!

Your blog is great btw, I'll definitely be reading more! Rachel x

August 7, 2010 at 11:04 AM delete

Hey Rachel,

So happy to hear you liked the review! Thanks for your lovely comment and can't wait till you release a illustration recipe book :)