Glossy Love: Frankie (July/August)

Thursday, July 01, 2010 0 Comments A+ a-

Giving me comfort this week is the July/August issue of Frankie. Really loving the Geek Chic cover! In this issues Ed. letter Jo and Lara talk about 'the best things about travel is coming home' I only half agree with this as, while it's nice to come back and relax in your comforts I always have the upset 'end of holiday period' where everything goes back to normal routine- which I hate- I love the discovery of new places!

My Frankie bits picks are; Benjamin Laws book The Family Law, Hayao Miyazaki Art of Studio Ghibli book collection and the So you think you are from France Chip Chop bag.

Frankie features include; Marieke Hardys' to all the trinkets I've loved before, musos Tegan & Sara interview and black & white pics, Caro Cooper chats to 30 strangers in 30 days, Daniel Evans pens an open letter to his 4th grade teacher, Benjamin Law looks at the rental generation and why we should all love our landlords.

Love Lee Meszaros sewed Be Proud Merit Badge collection that is inspired by her old Brownie badges!

This issues pull-out poster of a sewing machine with the words 'Make do and mend' is designed by UK artist Clare Owen.

Was ecstatic to see on of my favourite Zinesters Dawn Tan's Giant 1 mtr food project billboard featured in this issues Frankie. Basically Dawn has illustrated everything she has eaten over a period of eight weeks. Love Love Love her work! Just ordered some of her Zines; Super speedy three days in Sydney and few of her favourite things the other day- will review them here soon.

The only downsides of the new issue of Frankie is more ads...but I guess you are going to get this when a mag becomes more popular (wish Frankie was still a secret!). Also upset by the absence of one of my fave Frankie writers Mia Timpano...wonder what she is working on now?? Let's hope she is back on the page in the next issue.

Thanks for being a great friend again Frankie!