Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DIY: Chilled hearts

Cheers! While some of the world is covered in blankets of snow, here in Australia we are sweltering in 40 degree heat! So I am keeping cool this Aussie summer by adding a touch of 'oh la la' to my Valentines beverages, with these heart ice-cubes - love frozen in time.

Share in the fun by following this how to.

You will need:
 Heart ice-cube molds
Red cordial
Cup and spoons for mixing and pouring

1. Fill cup half with water and half with red cordial.

2. Carefully pore into heart shaped ice-cube molds.

3. Put filled molds into freezer to set.

4. Once frozen, serve in cold beverages to loved-ones and watch them smile!  

Alternatively, you could secure a paddle-pop stick into the bottom of the heart to make ice-blocks!   


  1. Just came across your blog. Lovely! Such a sweet idea. Ta for the share!

  2. Thanks Lucy-bee for your kind words and stopping by, leaving a comment!