DIY: 'Be Mine' Chocolate Box

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 Remember those pastel-coloured 'Love Note' solid sherbet, heart lollies that you used to buy from the school canteen or retro lolly shop? Well, inspired by those sweets I created this 'Be Mine' chocolate box. A romantic, yummy filled gift for a friend or loved one to enjoy, this Valentines Day!

 You will need:
Red and pink cardboard
Two heart templates (large and medium)
Red Marker
Double-sided tape
Adobe Photoshop or Word program 

 Making the Template
1. To begin, you will need to make the cardboard body of the chocolate box. Draw two large heart shapes on pink cardboard and cut-out. These will be the lid and bottom of the box. For the sides of the box draw-up and cut-out four 4cm x 30cm long strips also using the pink cardboard.

The 'Be Mine' letters were made by typing the letters in Photoshop in a Cooper Std font. They were then printed, glued onto red cardboard and cut-out. 

Decorate the chocolate box lid
2. Using a red marker draw and colour a thick line around the love heart lid. 

3.Glue on the 'Be Mine' letters on to the middle of the box.

 Putting the chocolate box together
4. With the four strips of pink cardboard cut 1cm slits, 1.5 cm in length down one end of each strip. Once cut, make a fold down the whole pleat section on each.

5. Stick double sided tape along the pleat strips and onto the backside of the chocolate box lid around a smaller drawn heart shape, which will act as a guide for attaching on the box sides.

6. Pull off the white side of the double sided tape from the strip pleats and heart. Carefully stick pleats around in a heart shape onto the backside of the chocolate box lid, until you have your strips in a shape of a heart!

Note: Two of the cardboard strips will cover one full heart shape side of the chocolate box.


7. This step can get a little tricky! Using the now stuck on heart side  of the chocolate box lid as a guide, draw around it on the bottom of the box heart as a template. Once this is done draw another heart 0.5cm smaller to use as a guide to make the bottom chocolate box sides.
Repeat step 6 and you have yourself a sweet chocolate Valentines Day box! 


I made my delectable gift extra special by making my own homemade chocolates. I covered some, seen here in sprinkles and used foil as wrapping. 


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This is adorable and your chocos turned out so well! I love the color combos. :) xoxo

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Thanks Sarah! Wishing you a lovely Valentine's Day!