DIY: I Heart Pom-pom

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The new year has already begun and Valentines Day is on its way.
I have lots of fresh projects in store for 2014, including some heartfelt DIY's coming up on this blog over the next two weeks to celebrate Valentines Day.

For quite some time I have been addicted to making pom-poms. Who knew this little bit of woolly goodness could be so addictive?
I wanted to include pom-poms in my valentines day crafts so,that's when I came up with a idea - make a pom-pom heart! As you can see by this DIY, it is possible to make.

Decorate romantic gifts, cards with your pom-pom heart or make a garland for a wedding!

You will need: 
Wool,fabric scissors, cardboard

1. Cut-out 2 cardboard heart shaped and make a hole in the middle of each. These will be your pom-pom maker. 

Tip: Make a heart shape by drawing around a medium cookie-cutter heart.

2. Hold the two cardboard heart shapes together and start to wrap wool around and around until you are left with a cardboard covered wool shaped heart.

3. Gently pull open the two pieces of cardboard and cut through the wrapped wool along the entire outside edge of the heart.

4. Using a separate 30cm piece of wool, slide it between the two pieces of cardboard starting at the bottom, coming together at the top of the heart. Pull tightly and tie with a knot. Flip the pom over and tie a double knot.

5.Pull off the cardboard templates.

6. Now for the fun bit - give your pom-pom a bit of a haircut!
Start snipping around the pom-pom by making curve cuts around the two top sides and cutting a triangle shape at the bottom.

Tip: To help define the curves at the top of the heart, sew into the top of the heart with embroidery floss and pull through to the bottom of the heart, and secure with a knot.

Amore! You have your pom-pom heart!

 For extra decoration I made a little arrow from toothpicks, washi tape and glitter cardboard!


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The finished result is so adorable! I love your gif and all of the confetti decorating this post. :) xoxo

January 24, 2014 at 9:52 AM delete

Thanks Sarah. I very much enjoyed making the Gif and pom-pom. Happy to hear you liked the post.