Paumes 'Pray For Japan' Charity Exhibition Artists

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The editions Paumes 'Pray for Japan' Charity exhibition started at Tokyo's Galerie Doux Dimanche yesterday. I have three designs that are featuring in it that I mentioned in an earlier post.
The exhibition includes creatives from all around the world that have come together to raise money to help Japan, in this great time of need. Here are some designs & amazing artists featured in the exhibition.
See here for the full list of artists.

1. Helene Manche, 2. Cinta Gonzalez, 3. Pauline Ricard-Andre,
6. Le Cerise Sur Le Gateu, 7. 2 Rouge 8. Isabelle Boinot,


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It's so great to be doing something in our own ways to help, isn't it? Love the variety in these works of art.