Ghostwriter: 90's TV Nostalgia

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We don’t know where he came from.
He just showed up one night.
(What is that thing?)
He’s not an alien.
(What is he?)
We think he might be a ghost.
(Be serious.)
He wants to be friends with us.
He can’t hear, and he can’t talk.
He can read anything.
He takes letters, and he writes with them.
We’re the only ones who can see him.
That means he wants you on the team.
You have to promise never to tell anybody about Ghostwriter.
(Hey, cool.)
We’re the Ghostwriter Team.
We check out clues and solve mysteries.
He’s a ghost, and he writes to us.
(Ghostwriter, what a trip.)

Growing up in the 90's I wanted to be on the Ghostwriter team! Ghostwriter was a children's television show aired between 1992-1995. The series revolved around a group of friends growing up in Brooklyn, New York who solved neighbourhood crimes and mysteries with the help of....Ghostwriter. You could only be on the team if you could see Ghostwriter, who can't be seen, put can write notes and leave messages- mostly using the computer, alphabet fridge magnets, road signs and writing on a bit of paper or notebook and only by manipulating whatever text and letters he can find and using them to form words and sentences.

The team included; Jamal Jenkins (first to see Ghostwriter) followed by singer Lenni Frazier (she was my fave), Alex Fernandez and his sister Gaby, budding filmmaker Tina and creative writer Rob Baker.

The first season is currently available on DVD, I have just finished watching my copy which includes some of my fave episodes;'Ghost Story' (THABTO badges ring a bell?)'Who burned MR Brinker's store? (starring the dad from 90's show Alf)and 'To the Light' - featuring character poet Double T!

Like most kids I did attempt to see if Ghostwriter was real by...trying to talk to him on my computer and I searched all the newsagents to get one of those cool American notebooks & a Ghostwrite necklace pen!



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Yeah! I loved that show. Oh... I really miss the 90's...