Little message on Japan

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 1 Comments A+ a-

Hello all. Sorry I have not posted for a week, I am heartbroken, distraught and saddened by the earthquakes, tsunamis and radiation problem that is currently occurring in Japan.

As you all know (from my posts) I love Japan, when I travelled there in the Spring of 2009 it was an experience I will never forget- a beautiful, fun unique country with a respectful and generous community of  people.

I send my love to all those who have been effected as well as shout-outs to some of my fellow blogger Japan friends; 8Tokyo, Hiki and Polkaros.  

The news has been hard to watch...I wish there was more I could do- thanks to these wonderful creatives there are ways to help and raise funds to Japan in need. See here, here, here and here.

I now continue to pray for Japan xo


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I agree, The Japanese are the most beautiful people. A complete tragedy.