Wednesday, March 9, 2011

J-Mag Love: OZ Magazine

OZ Magazine is a travel lifestyle magazine in Japan. It includes reviews of shops and cafes as well as a little fashion, art and zakka- It's one of my fave mags that I buy monthly. Each issue has a selected theme be it bookshops, sweets or a Tokyo/Japan area. This issue (March) however focuses on cafes around Tokyo as well as a small theatre/shop/hotel guide on Las Vegas and Tokyo lomography shop picks! 

Oz Magazines simplistic white background, mt tape boarded layouts with soft natural lighting photographs make the pages inviting. 

At the moment I am on the hunt for some Oz Magazine back issues, so if anyone knows or has any copies that would like to pass on-let me know- I will be one happy lady!



  1. wow! such a cool mag...i think i'd go broke if i lived in japan! lol

  2. You must have visited Kinokuniya again. Hehe! I go crazy when they have a sale and head straight for my favourite shelves.