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From a young tween to teen to young adult I have kept a diary/journal. Until 2002 I had recorded my everyday life filling over 20 journals. Now I only use this blog and a non-everyday journal to record thoughts, loves and ideas. The point that I am trying to make is that I have always had a huge interest in Journals and different forms of recording life, currently I have been getting into illustrated and watercolour journals.

Chatting to my nan about my current hobby she went to her bookshelf and came back with this treasure of a book! The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden an naturalists illustrated/watercolour diary from 1906- to me it's like the 'Secret Garden' has been opened up, as Edith shares her poems, beautifully inked observations and watercoloured drawings of wildlife and flowers.

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I understand you about your interest in journals and documenting life. It's a important part of my life.
And the book is lovely! I read it when I was a young girl (probably at 12-13 year old). I'm not sure if in Italy (where I live) is published now.

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Hi Silvia,

Great to see another Journal lover is reading my blog! Yes I was very lucky that my nan had a copy of this book as it is very hard to get. I did a search for you and found that you can buy it online, however copies are a bit expensive-

I have also just read another illustrated journal book called 'An Illustrated Life' by Danny Gregory, which is at most bookstores now. I will be blogging about this book soon and might even add some scans of my journals.

Italy- such a beautiful place to live! My now husband proposed to me on Capri :) Fave movie is Under the Tuscan Sun.