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Degrassi's Stephanie Kaye was my favourite character of the 90's teen drama. Like most teen girls of the early 90's I wanted to be and dress like her, in Degrassi language she was 'so cool and totally dynamic'! The Degrassi junior high series begins with Stephanie being the shy, plain and quite girl with a crush on the super sweet blonde curly-haired nerd 'Wheels'. When Stephanie begins campaigning for president she undergoes transformation. In a average Degrassi episode, we would see Stephanie arrive at school in baggy plaid shirts then shortly after, entering the Degrassi 'washroom' to change into something more over-sexed ...colourful and 80's inspired.

Stephanie's look was all about teased locks, blue eye shadow, pink lipstick, off-the shoulder or boob tube tops, faded denim jeans, colourful leggings, pink hooped earrings, big bangles, long beaded necklaces and the must have 'Stephanie Kaye' item; blue white polka dot shoulder bag! Stephanie Kaye was the 'girly' version of Grease's Sandy!

Many hours in my local shopping centre in the 90's was spent looking for a blue, white polka dot bag like Stephanie Kayes but I have had no luck until now!

 Stephanie Kaye Retail Therapy

  • Degrassi DVDs: Degrassi Junior and high series are available now on DVD as well as 'The Kids of Degrassi street' and 'Schools out' special movie episode. Check out the first season of 'Degrassi Junior high' to get some 'Stephanie' fashion inspiration.

  • Degrassi Novels: A series of Degrassi novels were released back in the early 90's based on Degrassi episodes and characters. I looked in my local second hand book stores, markets and garage sales to get copies of the 'Stephanie Kaye' and 'Exit stage left' editions.

  • The official history of Degrassi Generations: Includes character and creator bio's, episode guide, Degrassi issues explored in episodes, Degrassi location guide, where are they now? and a look at all the Degrassi generations over the years.

  • Sassy magazine: I bet Stephanie would have read Sassy magazine. Some episodes do refer to her reading Miss Teen magazine though. It is not easy getting hold of copies of Sassy magazine, some are available on EBay but cost a few hundred dollars. Anyone want to donate some copies??

  • Notebook: Big fan of the black/white dot American style notebook. Stephanie would have used hers to write about how much she loved 'Wheels'!

  • Flower hair pin: a Diva cram flower, black polka dot hair pin would look great in a Stephanie Kaye teased hairdo!

  • Mac lipstick in Viva Glam Cyndi Lauper: To get a bold pink lip!

  • 'The' Blue/white polka dot bag: The closest I got to a replica of the Stephanie Kaye bag was the Cath Kidston 'Spot saddle satchel' and 'spot oilcloth book bag'. 

  • Marc Jacobs limited edition 'Daisy Garland' perfume: Delicious flower scent. If I had to choose another scent it would of been my 'first' ever perfume by Australis...can't quite remember the name though.

  • Cyndi Lauper 'She's so Unusual' album: Hello! 'Girls just wanna have fun'!

  • Big statement rings and colourful bangles: Love these Juicy Couture belt-style bangles. It's like a modern version of the 80's bangles and belts combined!

  • Colourful and patterned leggings: Every chain-store sell these now.

  • Ankle combat boots: from Sportsgirl.

  • Love heart glasses: Dotti sells these!

Wake up in the morning, feeling shy and lonely,
gee I gotta go to school,
I don't think I can make it, don't think I can take it,
I wonder what I'm gonna do.
But when I look around and see,
that someone is smiling at me,
wait, that someone's talkin' to me, hey, I got a new friend,
Everybody can succeed, all you need it to believe,
let's be honest with yourself, forget your fears and doubts,
come on give us a try a Degrassi Junior High!


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I love how you should what stephanie kayle wears she is my favorite and eric and heather.

April 25, 2011 at 11:37 AM delete

Thanks LaSHgirl11 I miss the old degrassi days and the fashion :) Great to see your blog is all things dedicated to Degrassi! Wonderful