Blossom is back!!

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 Mayim Bialik who played Blossom in the 90s teen comedy-drama of the same name is back on our TV screens! Not only is Blossom seasons 1-2 available to buy now on DVD, but the star of Blossom herself has made a small screen comeback! She can be seen in American teen drama The Secret Life of the American Teenager as a highschool guidance counselor and has also been spotted on the set of The Big Bang Theory playing OCD-nerd Sheldon Cooper's potential girlfriend! (Can't wait for that one!)

Who can forget the lovable Blossom! Blossom explored all of our teen worries in the 90's. The series began with her mother abandoning her family, leaving Blossom to look for guidance from others like her fast-talking best friend Six (Jenna Von Oy) and every girl of the 90's dream heartthrob Joey Russo (Joseph Lawrence) a dim-witted baseball player who often uttered the catchphrase "Whoa"!

While cringe-worthy now, I loved the fashion: big rimmed hats with giant yellow flowers in the middle, coloured and patterned leggings & stockings, overall jeans, floral dresses, stripy vests and big earrings! Blossom was the classy version of Punky Brewster!


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Oh I loved that show! Thanks for the head up!