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If your visiting New York - Chelsea is a must. Here are a few snaps from my NY trip. Chelsea Markets has so much goodness under one roof such as; cute bakery Amy's bread, Eleni's where I got these awe AMAZING New York themed cookies, Anthropologie which stocks unique zakka, stationery, books, clothes and off course their magazine.
These are cookie textas for drawing on cookie icing - going to have fun with these!!
My fave store in NYC - Anthropologie, loved their stationery and wrapping section - can you see the wrapping paper with pom poms on it?
A fave purchase - I'm so into fun with watercolour and packaging at the mo -as you can see from my xmas wrapping! These have given me some great inspiration for my snail mail!

Cool Zine store Printed Matter
I couldn't stop looking at these delightful donut pillows on the wall!
I miss walking pass amazing flower deli stores like this one!
Walking the high-line
Diner's are everywhere - always covered in sweet fairy lights!
Walking the streets of Chelsea while imagining what it would be like to live in a brownstone


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I really loved these pictures, so bright and colorful!

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Welcome! Meghana and Alia - thank you sooo much ^_^