Saturday, May 12, 2012

Muma & Neko Wrap + Paper Tissue Pocket

Birthdays and special occasions are a great time to experiment and get creative with gift wrapping.
The process always starts with me raiding my hoard of newly purchased craft materials. The below is a Neko (cat) and gingham themed wrapped gifts for a family birthday. Pink stripes and Hawaii was the inspiration behind the above Mother's Day wrapped present. I also made a 'Paper tissue pocket'and attached it to a card.
I will be sharing a little 'how to' on these paper tissue pockets with you soon. They make great gift toppers! On the streets of Tokyo they often hand out packets of tissues with advertisments on them - great idea hey? Beats the boring flyer's!
Pink striped paper, a love heart doily, a fake flower and washi tape make this present Hawaian pretty!
Polka dot paper, multi coloured wool, a polaroid of a cat, Kawaii rabbit foil,stickers and washi tape topped with a mt wrap bow!
P.S The kitty wants you to pat its belly!!
I just go crazy for gingham paper and mini pom pom wool!

Big shout out to all the mums out there!
Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow!


  1. Nice! The folks who receive gifts from you are so lucky! I am looking forward to the tutorial!

    1. Hi Sandy, The paper tissue pockets are fun and easy to make! I would like to have a go at making fabric ones soon after being inspired by them on the curly collection Japan site!

  2. Wow awesome wrapping Jenna, I love the polka wrapping the best!

  3. ooo! this is way cute. I want to try to make one when you post the tutorial!