Sunday, November 13, 2011

Zines, Zines, Zines!

Wonderful zines that I have received in the mail over the past couple of months.
1. Sewon's beautiful photobook 'Floating Island' that came packaged with a illustrated notepaper with a written message and envelope sealed with a cute bow sticker, postcard and cat sticker. Sewon is a very talented photographer, check out her blog Maps and Fragments for her amazing photographic adventures around China.
3. One of my fave zines is Vanessa Berry's thrift shopping zine 'Vinnies' so I was thrilled to hear No.16 of her I am a Camera series was dedicated to her trip to Japan. A great account of observations from Vanessa's trip to Japan's Kyoto and Okunshima 'rabbit' island!
4. You might remember me mentioning the cool blog Bonjour Johanna in a past post? Her latest project is a colouring in zine titled; Dessine Moi Un Copain'. Copain means friend in french and I know this because the zine came with some sweet french phrases. I can't wait to get started on colouring in Johanna's cute polka dot pant Copains!
5. Kelly Zarb's 'Crafty Collage' zine is packed with super cute collage projects. Learn how to make collage; gift tags, cards and tote bags etc. My Life As A Magazine blog also got a mention in the resources section - Thanks Kel! Being a big fan of collage I just had to get this. It also came with a beautiful collage card, gift tag and collage kit!


  1. Yay for zines, it's so funny that you posted this, because I received the zines I ordered from you today! I made a blog post about it too!! zines are so addicting!

  2. I loveeeee zine too!! those zines look so amazing!

  3. Oh wow! I am speechless Jenna thankyou so much for mentioning my zine amongst some of my fave zines creators. You have made my week!!

  4. Pinksugarichigo - Yay! So glad you got them :) Thank you for the amazing review you did of my zines and blog - I just checked it out and left a comment! xo Yes zines are very addictive. I really love their uniqueness.

    Lucia - Welcome, hey, thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Great to meet a new zine and collage lover :)

    Kelly - Off course I am going to mention your zine! its fabulous and deserves to be shared and in the line-up xo

  5. oh so many great zines! i love kell's crafty collage!!!!! :D

  6. I really like your blog! It's so colorful and full of happiness =) keep going!

  7. Ohh I'm so happy to see my zine here. :] Thank you, Jenna! P.S. Congrats on your new magazine job! That's so exciting.

  8. memtree - Kelly's zine is wonderful isnt it :)

    Asuka - Hi, welcome and thank you for your lovely compliment. No matter how busy I get I promise I won't stop blogging x

    Sewon - Oh thanks! Your zine is one of my faves xx