Saturday, November 5, 2011

Injecting a bit of colour

It's been a busy, but great week in my new job so I thought I would celebrate with some retail therapy in one of my fave Aussie fashion stores - Sportsgirl. Like me, it seems they are crazy about all things in neons, polka dots and crafts at the moment.
Every visit I head straight to their special gift tables covered in unique and quirky goodies.
I picked up this sweet DIY friendship bracelet kit as well as a drink bottle designed by Beci Orpin!!
I can always rely on Sportsgirl to inject a bit of colour and cool into my life!


  1. I went to Sportsgirl on my lunch break today and noticed the little mini sewing machines too I was very tempted.

  2. I know! How cute is it! Yes very tempting, especially since it's so cheap :)

  3. i love the gift table too! did you girls pick up the 'make believe: dream a little dream' paper there? it's got some nice pictures, posters and quotes.

  4. Memtree- Yes! I got a copy with the above retro fashion paper on the top pic! just love their colourful shoots mixed with cute typography sayings :) they always go up on my inspiration board x

  5. hello*
    today I went to Kinokuniya w/ my host.
    There are many japanese things!
    I enjoyed<3

  6. Yui - Hi, how are you? That's great news! You must of loved it missing Japan and all :)