Music I like to craft to

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           Do you have any favourite sounds you enjoy crafting to? I like to get creative listening to movie score soundtracks and music by artists Birdy, Sia, Lisa Mitchell, She & Him and Japanese band Lullatone - check out their new album Falling for Autumn released today! Cover art by the talented Grace Lee. I just love all the cute and quirky name titles Lullatone's have for their songs such as: New stationery for a new semester and The biggest pile of leaves you ever did see. Would love to know what tunes you like to give a spin while you get creative - Let me know.


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I'm so happy to have just stumbled upon your beautiful blog and have been so inspired by your projects! I love writing and decorating letters while listening to songs my parents played in the house during my childhood. Lots of Elton John. :)

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Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by and leaving this super lovely comment - it put a big smile on my face. Great to blog meet another fellow lover of mail art - parent childhood music memories are the best! Thanks for sharing xo