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Nestled in the historic country town of Daylesford, Melbourne is a quaint emporium of delight - a shop called Lark. Lark is run by the wonderful Allison Jones and her family. In the shop decor you can see glimpses of the UK and Japan, it's like a gallery of handmade where Lark stocks some of our most loved international designers like; Cath Kidston, Rice, Belle & Boo, Beci Orpin, Paumes and Rob Ryan etc.
Their focus is to bring us gifts from around the world for you, the home and kids. At Lark you can find books, zines, Japanese Zakka, prints and stationery. 

I am also thrilled to let you all know that you can also find my new zine 'Little Book Of Mt Masking tape' at the Lark Shop as well as their online store! Eeep!

In the near future I am hoping to make a trip over to Melbourne to visit Daylesford and the beautiful Lark shop. It will also be a dream to stay at the Lark House too!

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oh my gosh! that looks like my DREAM store!!! =)

July 1, 2011 at 7:57 AM delete

Jo-annie it is beautiful isn't it!